Update 10

Back again!

This is the 10th update already, thanks to all showing daily love and stuff!
I've got some nice updates again, check them out!

Last night, a bro sent me some video's, he really knows his stuff. I really liked it so that's why I'm linking it on here.
Life MC - Propaganda

I remember when some time ago he also showed me a German-American group called Snowgoons, I was immediately hooked on it and have alot of their albums, from what I know they are really unknown so here goes
Album: Black Snow
Snowgoons - Helpless
Snowgoons - The Storm
Snowgoons - Starlight (Feat. Viro The Virus)
Album: German Lugers
Snowgoons - Heads or Tails (Feat. Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso & Jus Allah)
Album: A Fist in the Thought
Snowgoons - Platoon Goons (Savage Brothers, Lord Lhus, Reef The Lost Cauze)

As we're on some underground stuff right here, I'll continue with this group from Pittsburgh called Apex
Apex - Dying Inside
Apex - Home

Now, I also saw alot of love for Eminem's old, old underground track (Biterphobia). Here another track from when he was with Soul Intent, his style was totally different than most of the people know, tell me what you think
Eminem - What Color is Soul?

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  1. i'm totally gonna check out that apex stuff, thanks

  2. its sad to look at what hiphop has become.

    thanks for keeping the memorys of abetter time alive :D

  3. I think I'm going to spend some time torrenting music tonight.. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. @problem.question
    i'll put an extended clip and body em all day

  5. Have you ever heard Bjork's "Storm?" It sounds like a CD skipping in an eerie kind of way. It was actually written for the soundtrack of a boat in a storm with all the navigation malfunctioning.

  6. Thanks, I hadn't heard that Eminem song before.

  7. snowgoons is awesome can't wait to hear the new material

  8. ty for the recommandation. Hip hop will stay alive !!

  9. Absolutely incredible beat. I've just gone through about four of the links you posted, and I'm just blown away.