Update 18

Today, this post is going to be full Queensbridge, New York. With Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane

Kool G Rap a well-known pioneer in Hip-Hop, he is one of the most influential mc's of all time. He started with his DJ, DJ Polo and was member of the Juice Crew. Juice Crew was a group of hip-hop artists who were mainly from Queensbridge during the late eightees. Alot of famous rappers are from Queensbridge, rappers like Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Nas are from there.

Kool G Rap:
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Erase Racism
Kool G Rap - Nr.1 With a Bullet (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
Kool G Rap - Fast Life (Feat. Nas)

Another MC from Juice Crew and Queensbridge is Big Daddy Kane, another very influential MC in hip-hop, he made alot of tracks with Kool G Rap.

Big Daddy Kane:
Big Daddy Kane - Raw (feat. Kool G Rap)
Big Daddy Kane - 'Nuff Said
Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'

Update 17

And another one!

This one straight after Update 16 as I'm not posting daily anymore.

Nas, always hits it off nicely!

AZ, way less known but a similair flow to Nas', they featured each other alot on their debut albums
For example AZ on Nas' Illmatic:
and Nas on AZ's album called Doe or Die
And more tracks from AZ
AZ - Raw Uncut (My favorite, crazy rhymeschemes and awesome beat)

Update 16

Back with new tracks!

Basically these are some tracks from a few albums I've been listening alot this week.
I've listened alot of Mos Def's album Black on Both Sides:
Mos Def - Miss Fat Booty
Mos Def - Hip Hop

Also a very nice collabo album by Wu Tang MC Killah Priest and Chief Kamachi (known from AotP)
Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Don't Waste Your Lungs
Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Beautiful Minds

Wu-Tang Clan, if you like hip hop you can't not know them!
Wu-Tang Clan - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Wu-tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
Wu-Tang Clan - Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But The Money)

Now I'm in that Wu mood, Heltah Skeltah is in my opinion kind of 'comparable', classic old tracks, here are some:
Heltah Skeltah - Black Fonzerelliz

Sean Price (from Heltah Skeltah)
Sean Price & D Flame Warzone


Update 15

What's up fam!

Heavy bass, sick wordplay, awesome track!
J Dilla - Jungle Love (Feat MED & Guilty Simpson)
'If I was hotter, I'd drink straight vodka, 
Spit out flames and piss lava'.

Hardcore underground hip-hop track, the beat makes you go ape shit! Ill AOTP track if you ask me!
AOTP - Godzilla (Celph Titled, Jus Allah, Apathy, Planetary, King Magnetic & Vinnie Paz)

Vinnie Paz, founding member of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs, I personally like his tracks alot. This year he released a solo album, Season of the Assassin:
Vinnie Paz - End of Days
Vinnie Paz - Same Story (My dedication)

Giant Panda, I don't know alot of tracks by them but the tracks I've heard always are great!
Giant Panda - T.K.O.
Giant Panda - The 90's

Mos Def, not much has to be said, guaranteed fire anyways.
Mos Def - Speed Law


Update 14

Sup guys!

Starting off with some amazing underground group called Binary Star
Binary Star - Reality Check
Binary Star - Fellowship (Ft. Athletic Mic League & Decompoze)

A group I just recently discovered, Supastition. I think they are really nice, check it out:
Supastition - New Me
Supastition - Soul Searching

Also having me a little bit of Dutch pride! Pete Philly & Perquisite. A dutch duo consisting of Pete Philly, the mc and Perquisite as the producer, they make a great duo!
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Cheeky (feat. Ceemajor)
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mystery Repeats
This track is rapped in Dutch, just in case someone likes it ^^ To be honest, I don't think there is alot of good dutch hip-hop but I do kinda like Pete and Perquisite.
Jiggy Djé - Ik Heb Je (feat. Pete Philly)

Also, if you liked Pete Philly, visit where he releases a new track of his new album (Open Loops) each week, so you can listen/download them. So far, 3/14 songs have been uploaded.


Update 12

What up again!

Just gonna put up some random awesome rappers, old/new whatever.

Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind
Nas Feat. AZ - Life's a Bitch
As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of Nas' Illmatic, it's just 40mins of fire!
Nas - Ether
This track was made when Nas and Jay-Z were beefing, Nas made this disstrack, they squashed the beef later but this track still is damn nice!

Rakim, a legend in hip-hop, here some old with his legendary DJ Eric B.
Rakim feat. Eric B. - Follow the Leader
Rakim feat. Eric B.- Lyrics of Fury
But he still has the skills on his newer tracks (2009)
Rakim - Holy Are You

Snoop Dogg, in my opinion he sold out, I can't listen to his new tracks from nowadays but I still know the older songs from albums like Doggystyle, which made him respected like he was.
Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi
This track was based on a rap Slick Rick once made, Slick Rick is from Rakim's time and also acknowledged as an hip-hop pioneer, the track was a tribute to him, the original was Slick Rick rhyming and Doug E. Fresh (The Human Beatbox) of course beatboxing (don't expect a bangin' beat)
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh - La Di Da Di