Update 12

What up again!

Just gonna put up some random awesome rappers, old/new whatever.

Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind
Nas Feat. AZ - Life's a Bitch
As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of Nas' Illmatic, it's just 40mins of fire!
Nas - Ether
This track was made when Nas and Jay-Z were beefing, Nas made this disstrack, they squashed the beef later but this track still is damn nice!

Rakim, a legend in hip-hop, here some old with his legendary DJ Eric B.
Rakim feat. Eric B. - Follow the Leader
Rakim feat. Eric B.- Lyrics of Fury
But he still has the skills on his newer tracks (2009)
Rakim - Holy Are You

Snoop Dogg, in my opinion he sold out, I can't listen to his new tracks from nowadays but I still know the older songs from albums like Doggystyle, which made him respected like he was.
Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi
This track was based on a rap Slick Rick once made, Slick Rick is from Rakim's time and also acknowledged as an hip-hop pioneer, the track was a tribute to him, the original was Slick Rick rhyming and Doug E. Fresh (The Human Beatbox) of course beatboxing (don't expect a bangin' beat)
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh - La Di Da Di

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  1. nice stuffs I agree with you on snoop dog

  2. Nas is the man, and Rakim ain't bad. I like this list.

  3. Beena while since I heard Naz. Thanks :)

  4. I can agree with that too.. Snoop DID sell out!

  5. NAS is the man! Too bad Snoop went mainstream like every other rapper these days!

  6. i approve. if you also, add me and we can talk more about this music

  7. nas will always be a classic man, thanks for showing me these songs though i hadn't heard them before.

    check my blog if you like interesting politics!

  8. You have ill taste in music brotha. Seriously.

  9. who is the ultimate banana?:))

  10. i like snoop dog man thnx

  11. very great post man i like it