Update 31 (A Tribe Called Quest)

Sup guys!

A Tribe Called Quest, a-mazing group, every hip-hop fanatic should know them in my opinion =P
The group was formed in 1985 with producer/MC Q-Tip, MC Phife Dawg, DJ/Producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jerobi White who left after the first album but came back in 2006. Together with De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers they belonged to the Native Tongues collective.

A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (Feat. Busta Rhymes)


Update 30 (Quasimoto, Madlib)

The Unseen (cover)
B-b-b-b-b-ack again!
I'm finally here again, had 2 very busy weeks but all should be mellow now ;) I'll try to update my blog more often from now on!

This time I wanted to talk about an album I've really been listening to lately, it's actually somewhat strange but still very, very nice. The album I'm talking about is Quasimoto's Unseen. Quasimoto is an alias of Madlib. The album came out in 2000. It's got kind of funny aspects but also strange features. Madlib actually raps himself on the album, either with his normal voice or a more high pitched voice. The productions on the album are the strongest part of the album by far! Some of my favorite beats on the album are from Boom Music, Bluffin' and Astro Travellin'. The raps are pretty good but mostly entertaining, it's kind of story telling with alot of samples from classic tracks. I'm really excited about the album because it the album was just something new. I still don't know any albums that give this feeling from another Producer/MC. It's a real fresh breath of air. It's something I never heard before on another hip-hop album.

Quasimoto's Character
Here's a list of some tracks I liked alot!
Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy
Quasimoto - Boom Music
Quasimoto - Bluffin'
Quasimoto - Astro Travellin'
Quasimoto - Bad Character

Support the artist by buying his album:
The Unseen album
The Unseen (Deluxe Edition) with instrumentals


Update 29 (Pharoahe Monch, Common, Talib Kweli, Jake One, Freeway, Brother Ali and Quasitmoto a.k.a. Madlib)

Ah snap, havn't updated in almost a week, shame on me. Lots of work at school etc. should be fine after next Friday though.
Nevertheless here's a new update!

Pharoahe Monch, I havn't referred to this MC alot on my blog yet. To be honest I didn't know alot of music of him but this week I've been listening to his album called Internal Affairs. I really liked it so here are some tracks of off it.
Pharoahe Monch - The Truth (Feat. Common & Talib Kweli)
Definitely my favorite off the album
Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says
Pharoahe Monch - Right Here

Some completely different and more recent music by Freeway, Brother Ali and producer Jake One. Really liked this one track someone sent me by them, so I started to listen some more music by them
Jake One feat. Freeway & Brother Ali - The Truth
Freeway & Jake One - Know What I Mean

Two tracks from a new album I got from Madlib under his alias Quasimoto. The album is partly instrumental and parts with raps, it features Madlib rapping in a high pitched voice (as Quasimoto) The album is actually quite weird but though I really like it, it's really something new! The lines are kind of funny and the production/beats are really the greatest part of the tracks.
Quasimoto - Boom Music
Quasimoto - Bluffin'


Update 28 (Masta Ace, Scarface, Nas, The Firm, Quan)

Random tracks today

Starting off with Masta Ace. He first appeared on the track 'The Symphony' by the Juice Crew (Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane.
Eminem said Masta Ace always has been his nr.1 influence. He has always been a pro in what he does!
Masta Ace - Beautiful
Masta Ace
Just because I think it's a beautiful track, a masterpiece
Masta Ace - Good ol' Love
Another great track.
Masta Ace - Acknowlegde
Some beef with a minor dude called Boogieman or something. He bitch-moved on Masta in a freestyle (well, he wrote his lyrics) He brought Masta shame with this 'freestyle' so this was a diss back, Boogieman wasn't anyone anyways.

Scarface, not the mobster but the rapper. In my opinion one of the best rappers I know from the 'Dirty South'. He's been a member of the Geto Boys. Great rapper!
Scarface - On My Block 
Scarface - In Between Us (Feat. Nas) 

Nas, been talking about the legend in a previous post! Just legendary like always
Nas - Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park) 
The Firm - Phone Tap 
The Firm is a group consisting of Nas, AZ, Dr. Dre, Foxy Brown and Nature, the group didn't last too long unfortunately. 
Nas - Just A Moment (Feat. Quan) 


Update 27 (Nas, AZ, Damian Marley, K'naan)

Yea, I'm back!
This time Nas, the legend, the streetpoet.

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, or as we know him, by his artist name Nas or Nasty Nas. Nas grew up in Queensbridge, the same neighbourhood of many famous rappers etc. such as Havoc and Prodigy from Mobb Deep and hometown of the Juice Crew. His father, Olu Dara, is a jazz/blues musician. Two tracks of Nas' first album feature his father playing instruments. He also has a younger brother whose artist name is Jungle.

Nas' first album Illmatic came out in 1994, it was critically acclaimed and still is considered to be an amazing classic in Hip-Hop.

His second album It Was Written was released in 1996. The album was more mainstream based coming from the raw, underground sound Illmatic had.

Nas was a member of the group The Firm (Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown and Nature with Dr. Dre as their producer) but in 1998 The Firm split up. He also was in Hip-Hop supergroup Group Therapy with B-Real, Dr. Dre, KRS-ONE and RBX.


Update 26 (Big L, Big Pun, DMX, Immortal Technique)

Not alot of time unfortunately, missed yesterday updating quickly today, might be back with a longer post tomorrow!
Today, some old school and some underground new school.

Big L, the flamboyant rapper, king of punchlines!
Big L - Da Graveyard - (Feat. Lord finesse And Jay-Z & Y.U.)
Big L - I Don't Understand It

Puerto Rican Big Pun
Big Pun - You Ain't a Killer

The Dog, DMX
DMX - Stop Being Greedy

I'm a bit surprised I havn't linked this dude yet, one of the greatest in the underground at the moment if you ask me, Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil
Now, really listen to these lyrics, imagine the full story he's telling, to be honest, I found the song pretty scary!
Immortal Technique - You Never Know
Another track with a great story with a twist!
Immortal Technique - Obnoxious


Update 25 (Kool G Rap, Gang Starr, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharaohe Monch, Common, Madlib, J Dilla, Method Man, DMX, Nas, Ja Rule)

Busy weekend, not alot of time but here come some tracks again. Will probably be back tomorrow with a longer post about an artist, which one I'm not sure yet.
Like yesterday, some MC's I've already written about:
Kool G Rap

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - On The Run
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Ill Street Blues

Gang Starr (MC Guru and DJ Premier)
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
Gang Starr - Full Clip

Mos Def
Mos Def - Napoleon Dynamite
Not yet written about Pharaohe Monch, a great MC in my opinion, featuring Talib Kweli and Common here
Pharoahe Monch feat. Common & Talib Kweli - The Truth
Talib Kweli
Talib Kweli - Good To You
Common - Retrospect for Life

Madlib, as he said himself, DJ first, producer second, and MC last.
Madlib - Slim's Return
Beat by J Dilla and Madlib MC'ing (as duo named Jaylib)
Jaylib - Take It Back

Another Meth track, this time with Nas, DMX and Ja Rule, I'm not sure on how Ja Rule managed to get in on this track, with names like Nas, Meth and DMX, guess he was lucky. Especially since DMX once beefed with Ja Rule because DMX thought that Ja was trying to imitate DMX's raw, growl-based style. I'm not sure if this all was before or after this track though. The beef's not important though, what matters is a nice track

Method Man, Nas, DMX, Ja Rule - Grand Finale


Update 24 (MF DOOM, Jedi Mind Tricks, Rakim, Method Man)

Not a real lot of time today, so just some tracks from previously mentioned MC's and such!

Jedi Mind Tricks, the Illadelphians
Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing
Jedi Mind Tricks - On The Eve Of War (GZA)

MF DOOM tracks, or should I say King Geedorah?
MF DOOM - Doomsday
King Geedorah - The Fine Print

Rakim, the God MC
Rakim & Eric B. - Microphone Fiend
Rakim - It's A Must

Tracks from Meths first solo album
Method Man - I Get My Thang In Action
Method Man - Sub Crazy

Will be back with more Hip-Hop soon!
Let me hear what you think.


Update 23 (Wu-Tang Clan)

Update number 23 is about the legendary Wu-Tang Clan!
The Wu-Tang Clan is a very influential hip-hop group that originates from Staten Island, New York. The group originally consisted of 9 members: RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa and Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB) Another rapper who wasn't originally in Wu-Tang Clan but does feature alot of tracks with them is Cappadonna. The group is as said from Staten Island to which they refer as Shaolin Island, some members are from other parts of New York though (Brooklyn and The Bronx)
Awesome Wu-Tang Background with lyrics
The group was founded by ODB and the brothers GZA and RZA with the name Force of the Imperial Master.
The Wu-Tang Clan was formed in 1992, the name was taken from a movie called Shoalin and Wu Tang.
Their first succes was in 1993 with the single Protect Ya Neck. The members that were in the Wu-Tang Clan had a solo career too.


Update 22 (Rakim, Eric B)

Rakim (William Michael Griffin, Jr. born January 28, 1968) another very important pioneer in the sound of Hip-Hop. Rakim is rated as one of the most influential, most skilled MC's ever and has an exceptional flow and lyrical craftmanship.

Rakim grew up in Wyandanch, New York. He began his Hip-Hop career when he was fresh out of high school to record with Producer/DJ Eric B. At his 16th he joined The Nation of Gods and Earths and legally changed his name to Rakim Allah.

In 1986, Rakim started making music with Eric B. as a duo called Eric B & Rakim. They are considered one of the most influential hip-hop groups. Their first album called Paid in Full was very well received by fans and critics. Same happened for their other 3 albums, Follow the Leader, Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em and Don't Sweat the Technique. In 1992 Eric B. and Rakim parted.
In 1997 Rakim released his first solo-album The 18th Letter with collaborations with DJ Premier and Pete Rock (DJ/Producer/Rapper)
In 1999, he released his next album called The Master which was also receiver very well.
Later in 2000 Rakim signed with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment label to work on an album called Oh, my God. Due to creative differences Rakim split with the label. From what I've heard in interviews with Rakim etc. is that Dr. Dre and his label are known for their aggressive lyrics and tracks while Rakim has more spiritual lyrics and flows, not aggressive.
Rakim's long anticipated album The Seventh Seal was released in 2009. It received an overwhelming response for the Hip-Hop community. Personally I was really happy to find out Rakim was still an excellent MC like he always was and that he didn't sell out. He kept to his style and and kept it real.
Rakim is known for using alot of rhyming technique's in his lyrics. For example he is noted to be one of the first MC's to use internal rhyming (rhyming words withing 1 line) instead of only rhyming the last word of the lines. Among the Hip-Hop community Rakim is acknowledged as one of the best MC's of all time and I must say I can't disagree!

Paid in Full (1987)
Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
Follow the Leader (1988)
Eric B. & Rakim - Lyrics of Fury 
Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader
The Master (1999)
Rakim - When I B On Tha Mic
Rakim - Waiting For The World To End (DJ Premier)
The Seventh Seal
Rakim - Holy Are You 


Update 21 (MF DOOM, Madlib, Danger Mouse, Ghostface Killah)

It's that time of day again! Update 21 is here.

Today is about Daniel Dumile better known by his most famous alias MF DOOM. Dumile used alot of names such as Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers (collaborations:), Danger Doom (with Danger Mouse), Madvillain (with Madlib) and Dilla Ghost Doom (with J Dilla and Ghostface Killah)

Dumile was born in London, England in 1971. He and his parents then moved to New York and he was raised in Long Beach, New York. He started a Hip-Hop group with his younger brother and another MC in 1988. In 1993 his younger brother was killed in a car accident just before they would release their album Black Bastards. Dumile and his group were dropped by their label and Dumile stopped his Hip-Hop career.
In 1997 Dumile started freestyling at open-mic events.  Incognito as MF DOOM (MF = Metal Face or Metal Fingers, DOOM from the Marvel Comics super villain Doctor Doom, his mask is also based on this character) He also released some albums as MF DOOM. Operation: Doomsday for example.
Later he started using the name King Geedorah (various spellings) and worked together with the members of the Monsta Island Czars, each member would take a name from the Godzilla myth. They released three tracks. In 2003 he released a King Geedorah album called Take me to your leader and some of the tracks feature MF DOOM.
Later on in 2003 he released another album, this time under the name Viktor Vaughn (also a wordplay on the Doctor Doom character)
In 2004 MF DOOM grouped up with Madlib as Madvillain. They released the album Madvillainy, his first mainstream/commercial succes. Videos were made of the tracks All Caps, Accordion and Rhinestone Cowboy.
In 2005 MF DOOM grouped up with Danger Mouse as Danger Doom and released the album The Mouse and the Mask.
MF DOOM produced and collaborated alot with Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah's and helped producing with two of Ghost's albums.
In 2005 DOOM and Ghost also began recording tracks over beats produced by J Dilla as Dilla Ghost Doom. The group never got to make an official album because of J Dilla's unfortunate death in 2006. 3 days before J Dilla's death he released as an instrumental album including the beats used by DOOM and Ghost.
Madvillain is at the moment busy working at their new album Paper Mill.
Alot of work to be expected from these excellent MC's!

MF DOOM - Monday Nite at the Fluid (Feat. Kurious)
King Geedorah (MF DOOM) - Fazers
Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) - Saliva
Madvillain (Madlib & MF DOOM) - Accordion
DangerDoom (Danger Mouse & MF DOOM) - A.T.H.F.
DangerDoom (Danger Mouse & MF DOOM) - The Mask ft. Ghostface
Dilla Ghost Doom - Murder Goons


Update 20 (Gang Starr, JMT, R.A. the Rugged Man)

Today is about the group Gang Starr consisting of MC Guru and DJ Premier. The group Gang Starr was founded in 1985 by Guru with various DJ's and Producers. In 1989 they split up and only Guru continued with the name Gang Starr, DJ Premier (Waxmaster C back then) joined with him and together they continued Gang Starr. They helped pioneer the New York hip-hop music.
In february 2010 Guru suffered a heart attack and went into a coma.
On April 19, 2010 he died. May he rest in peace.
Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight
Gang Starr - No More Mr Nice Guy
Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth
Gang Starr- Discipline
Situations like this, will make you think twice,
That's why instead of preaching death in my songs, I breath life, 

Jedi Mind Tricks (JMT) Always great tracks, I'm a major fan of their work. AotP (Army of the Pharaohs) was founded by JMT's MC Vinnie Paz (formerly Ikon the Verbal Hologram) JMT consisted of Ikon, Jus Allah and producer Stoupe the enemy of Mankind. Jus Allah split with the group but kept making tracks with them in AotP.

Jedi Mind Tricks - Black Winter Day
Jedi Mind Tricks - Uncommon Valor (feat. R.A. the Rugged Man)
Even though it's a JMT track, R.A. was legendary here imo.
The story he tells is based on his father's war stories in Vietnam.
The story being true makes it so much realer plus the way he spits this track is just


Update 19

Today's MC's: Common, Talib Kweli, KRS-One, White Shadow, Rass Kass, Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap

I actually found this track on accident on youtube when searching for Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Rass Kass and Kool G Rap on one track just had to be good, and I was right if you ask me!
White Shadow feat. KRS-One, Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz & Kool G Rap - Underground

Common, the one I wanted to posted about today. I posted something about him before. In my opinion, Common is really a MC who raps about what he thinks/feels, I'd categorize him as Conscious hip-hop.
Common - I Used To Love H.E.R
This is one of my favorites by Common, the storytelling etc. is just perfect
Common - Sum Shit I Wrote
Common - Ressurection

Now a bit from Talib Kweli. I already wrote about him being in Blackstar with Mos Def. Here are some nice tracks by him:
Talib Kweli - Joy Ft Mos Def - Quality
Talib Kweli - Get By
Not many remixes manage to almost outrise the original in quality, but this one certainly did!
Talib Kweli - Get By (Remix) Ft. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes
To be honest, I'm not even a big fan of Kanye and late years Jay-Z but on this track they are spitting pure gold lines!


Update 18

Today, this post is going to be full Queensbridge, New York. With Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane

Kool G Rap a well-known pioneer in Hip-Hop, he is one of the most influential mc's of all time. He started with his DJ, DJ Polo and was member of the Juice Crew. Juice Crew was a group of hip-hop artists who were mainly from Queensbridge during the late eightees. Alot of famous rappers are from Queensbridge, rappers like Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Nas are from there.

Kool G Rap:
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Erase Racism
Kool G Rap - Nr.1 With a Bullet (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
Kool G Rap - Fast Life (Feat. Nas)

Another MC from Juice Crew and Queensbridge is Big Daddy Kane, another very influential MC in hip-hop, he made alot of tracks with Kool G Rap.

Big Daddy Kane:
Big Daddy Kane - Raw (feat. Kool G Rap)
Big Daddy Kane - 'Nuff Said
Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'

Update 17

And another one!

This one straight after Update 16 as I'm not posting daily anymore.

Nas, always hits it off nicely!

AZ, way less known but a similair flow to Nas', they featured each other alot on their debut albums
For example AZ on Nas' Illmatic:
and Nas on AZ's album called Doe or Die
And more tracks from AZ
AZ - Raw Uncut (My favorite, crazy rhymeschemes and awesome beat)

Update 16

Back with new tracks!

Basically these are some tracks from a few albums I've been listening alot this week.
I've listened alot of Mos Def's album Black on Both Sides:
Mos Def - Miss Fat Booty
Mos Def - Hip Hop

Also a very nice collabo album by Wu Tang MC Killah Priest and Chief Kamachi (known from AotP)
Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Don't Waste Your Lungs
Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Beautiful Minds

Wu-Tang Clan, if you like hip hop you can't not know them!
Wu-Tang Clan - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Wu-tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
Wu-Tang Clan - Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But The Money)

Now I'm in that Wu mood, Heltah Skeltah is in my opinion kind of 'comparable', classic old tracks, here are some:
Heltah Skeltah - Black Fonzerelliz

Sean Price (from Heltah Skeltah)
Sean Price & D Flame Warzone


Update 15

What's up fam!

Heavy bass, sick wordplay, awesome track!
J Dilla - Jungle Love (Feat MED & Guilty Simpson)
'If I was hotter, I'd drink straight vodka, 
Spit out flames and piss lava'.

Hardcore underground hip-hop track, the beat makes you go ape shit! Ill AOTP track if you ask me!
AOTP - Godzilla (Celph Titled, Jus Allah, Apathy, Planetary, King Magnetic & Vinnie Paz)

Vinnie Paz, founding member of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs, I personally like his tracks alot. This year he released a solo album, Season of the Assassin:
Vinnie Paz - End of Days
Vinnie Paz - Same Story (My dedication)

Giant Panda, I don't know alot of tracks by them but the tracks I've heard always are great!
Giant Panda - T.K.O.
Giant Panda - The 90's

Mos Def, not much has to be said, guaranteed fire anyways.
Mos Def - Speed Law


Update 14

Sup guys!

Starting off with some amazing underground group called Binary Star
Binary Star - Reality Check
Binary Star - Fellowship (Ft. Athletic Mic League & Decompoze)

A group I just recently discovered, Supastition. I think they are really nice, check it out:
Supastition - New Me
Supastition - Soul Searching

Also having me a little bit of Dutch pride! Pete Philly & Perquisite. A dutch duo consisting of Pete Philly, the mc and Perquisite as the producer, they make a great duo!
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Cheeky (feat. Ceemajor)
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mystery Repeats
This track is rapped in Dutch, just in case someone likes it ^^ To be honest, I don't think there is alot of good dutch hip-hop but I do kinda like Pete and Perquisite.
Jiggy Djé - Ik Heb Je (feat. Pete Philly)

Also, if you liked Pete Philly, visit where he releases a new track of his new album (Open Loops) each week, so you can listen/download them. So far, 3/14 songs have been uploaded.


Update 12

What up again!

Just gonna put up some random awesome rappers, old/new whatever.

Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind
Nas Feat. AZ - Life's a Bitch
As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of Nas' Illmatic, it's just 40mins of fire!
Nas - Ether
This track was made when Nas and Jay-Z were beefing, Nas made this disstrack, they squashed the beef later but this track still is damn nice!

Rakim, a legend in hip-hop, here some old with his legendary DJ Eric B.
Rakim feat. Eric B. - Follow the Leader
Rakim feat. Eric B.- Lyrics of Fury
But he still has the skills on his newer tracks (2009)
Rakim - Holy Are You

Snoop Dogg, in my opinion he sold out, I can't listen to his new tracks from nowadays but I still know the older songs from albums like Doggystyle, which made him respected like he was.
Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi
This track was based on a rap Slick Rick once made, Slick Rick is from Rakim's time and also acknowledged as an hip-hop pioneer, the track was a tribute to him, the original was Slick Rick rhyming and Doug E. Fresh (The Human Beatbox) of course beatboxing (don't expect a bangin' beat)
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh - La Di Da Di


Update 11

I'm back again!

Sorry for the delay on this update, was kind of busy last few days.
Starting off with the King of the dirty south, Scarface (member of the Geto Boys)

And his group the Geto Boys, consisting of rappers from Houston, Texas (Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill)

Now for the punchline master Big L
If you battle L you picked the wrong head,
I smash mics like cornbread, you can't kill me I was born dead
Ask Beavis, I get nothing butt head.
I beat kids with lead pipes,
I leave a trail of dead mics,
Where I'm from, niggas jewels get ran like red lights,
Big L's tracks are full of crazy, awesome punchlines. It's just awesome in my opinion!


Update 10

Back again!

This is the 10th update already, thanks to all showing daily love and stuff!
I've got some nice updates again, check them out!

Last night, a bro sent me some video's, he really knows his stuff. I really liked it so that's why I'm linking it on here.
Life MC - Propaganda

I remember when some time ago he also showed me a German-American group called Snowgoons, I was immediately hooked on it and have alot of their albums, from what I know they are really unknown so here goes
Album: Black Snow
Snowgoons - Helpless
Snowgoons - The Storm
Snowgoons - Starlight (Feat. Viro The Virus)
Album: German Lugers
Snowgoons - Heads or Tails (Feat. Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso & Jus Allah)
Album: A Fist in the Thought
Snowgoons - Platoon Goons (Savage Brothers, Lord Lhus, Reef The Lost Cauze)

As we're on some underground stuff right here, I'll continue with this group from Pittsburgh called Apex
Apex - Dying Inside
Apex - Home

Now, I also saw alot of love for Eminem's old, old underground track (Biterphobia). Here another track from when he was with Soul Intent, his style was totally different than most of the people know, tell me what you think
Eminem - What Color is Soul?


Update 09

Back again!

This time, not really a subject, just some random tracks from some great MC's and some mentioned in reactions.

Ruck (Sean Price) and Rock (Tha Rockness Monstah) as Heltah Skeltah
From Nocturnal:
Heltah Skeltah - Undastand
Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo
From Magnum Force:
Heltah Skeltah - Gang's All Here

Someone said something about Jay-Z so I had to list the two tracks I like best of him:
Jay-Z - D'evils
Jay-Z - Dead Presidents 2

I doubt alot of people know this one, back when Eminem still was recording in basements and stuff he was with Soul Intent, this was one of his tracks with crazy rhymes
It is really old school and in low quality as he couldn't record in high-end studio's yet.
Eminem - Biterphobia
Eminem - Demon's Inside (Not sure when/where this is, crazy lyrics tho)
He tried to make it with his album Infinite which flopped, imo this is one of his best tracks, again, very old school and underground
Eminem - Infinity
Eminem - Backstabber


Update 08

Sup guys!

Today some of the best hip-hop producers ever!

J Dilla (Jay Dee)
J Dilla - "Won't Do"
features Common, Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas), Black Thought (Roots), Frank N Dank, Talib Kweli, and Dilla's young brother John as the MC.

J Dilla - So Far To Go (Feat Common & D'Angelo)
J Dilla- E=MC² (feat Common)
J Dilla - Love Movin' ft Black Thought

Madlib - Slim's Return

Madlib and J Dilla used to work together alot as Jaylib
Jaylib & Talib Kweli - Raw Shit

Combine Madlib with MF DOOM and you get the awesome duo called Madvillain
Madvillain - Al Caps
Madvillain - Monkey Suite


Update 07


One of the best multisyllabic rappers I know would have to be Big Pun. A real legend and the first well-known Latino rapper. With the crazy, amazing tongue twisters Big Pun was a real talented artist.

Big Pun - Twinz (Feat. Fat Joe)
Dead in the middle of little Italy little did we know that we riddled two middlemen who didn't diddly
(remade from Snoop Dogg Ft. Dr. Dre - Deep Cover)

Big Pun - Beware

Big Pun - Boomerang
Cash pays, and rules - the root of all evil
Shootin amigos for lootin perrico pollutin our people

Big Pun - You Ain't a Killer

Big Pun - I'm Not a Player
I ain't a player, I just fuck alot

Big Pun - Brave in the Heart


Update 06

Back again with more!

This time it's more the 'consious hip-hop', name it how you like, it's great anyways!

Starting off with Talib Kweli & Mos Def together as Black Star:

Black Star - Definition
Black Star - Brown Skin Lady

Secondly we have Common:

Common - The 6th Sense
Common - The Light

This album isn't that old and also interesting because it mixes a legendary Hip-Hop lyricist with the son of the most famous reggae artists ever
Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter

Can't forget KRS-ONE (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone)
KRS-ONE - Stop The Violence


Update 03

Hi again,

Havn't updated in some time but here I am again with some AOTP,
The Army of the Pharaohs, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Planetary, King Kamachi, King Syze, Stoupe, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze, Crypt the Warchild etc.

Album: Ritual of Battle
Army of the Pharaohs - Gun Ballad

Album: The Unholy Terror
Army of the Pharaohs - Agony Fires

Album: The Torture Papers
Army of the Pharaohs - King Among Kings
Army of the Pharaohs - Narrow Grave

This one is actually on a JMT album (Violent by Design) but still by AOTP
Army of the Pharaohs - War Ensemble


Update 02

Second update!

I was just thinking of updating my blog while listening some music, today I was listening alot of old skool hip-hop so I'm just gonna put some of that classic stuff here!

Lyrical genius, Nasty Nas:
Nas - N.Y. State of Mind
Nas - Represent

The God MC, Rakim:
Rakim - When I B on tha Mic

Blastmaster KRS-ONE
KRS-ONE - Return of the Boom-Bap

And those three legends together on a DJ Premier beat, also includes Kanye West from when he wasn't that shitty (A long time ago.)
Rakim ft. Kanye West, Nas, & KRS One - Classic


Update 01

I'm going to try to update at least once a day with at least 5 tracks per update, with youtube links provided.

I'm going to start off with The (underground) Punchline Master and member of Demigodz and Army of the Pharaohs, Celph Titled

Celph Titled - Primo's Four Course Meal
Celph Titled & Apathy - Sound of the Clap

My personal favorites and great underground rappers are Jedi Mind Tricks. Jedi Mind Tricks mainly consists of Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (DJ). Alot of other MC's have made appearances on their albums.
Examples of great songs by them are:

Jedi Mind Tricks - Retaliation
Jedi Mind Tricks - Sacrifice
Jedi Mind Tricks - On the Eve of War

This update was focused on underground MC's, however I will post updates about other, legendary MC's too.

Have any recommendations for me? Feel free to post them!

Keep checking the blog for more!



First Message

My plans for this blog are posting great hip-hop. Keep the real hip-hop alive, DON'T support the mainstream!