Update 30 (Quasimoto, Madlib)

The Unseen (cover)
B-b-b-b-b-ack again!
I'm finally here again, had 2 very busy weeks but all should be mellow now ;) I'll try to update my blog more often from now on!

This time I wanted to talk about an album I've really been listening to lately, it's actually somewhat strange but still very, very nice. The album I'm talking about is Quasimoto's Unseen. Quasimoto is an alias of Madlib. The album came out in 2000. It's got kind of funny aspects but also strange features. Madlib actually raps himself on the album, either with his normal voice or a more high pitched voice. The productions on the album are the strongest part of the album by far! Some of my favorite beats on the album are from Boom Music, Bluffin' and Astro Travellin'. The raps are pretty good but mostly entertaining, it's kind of story telling with alot of samples from classic tracks. I'm really excited about the album because it the album was just something new. I still don't know any albums that give this feeling from another Producer/MC. It's a real fresh breath of air. It's something I never heard before on another hip-hop album.

Quasimoto's Character
Here's a list of some tracks I liked alot!
Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy
Quasimoto - Boom Music
Quasimoto - Bluffin'
Quasimoto - Astro Travellin'
Quasimoto - Bad Character

Support the artist by buying his album:
The Unseen album
The Unseen (Deluxe Edition) with instrumentals

7 opmerkingen:

  1. awesome songs dude, never heard of quasimoto but ill be checkin him out

  2. Listened to the first song in your links. Very smooth lyrics and beats.

  3. Shroom Music on further adventures of Lord Quas... Your welcome

  4. @joobs, the further adventures album is also very nice indeed, The Clown has an amazing beat too!

  5. Nice songs!

    love the blue character lol