Update 24 (MF DOOM, Jedi Mind Tricks, Rakim, Method Man)

Not a real lot of time today, so just some tracks from previously mentioned MC's and such!

Jedi Mind Tricks, the Illadelphians
Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing
Jedi Mind Tricks - On The Eve Of War (GZA)

MF DOOM tracks, or should I say King Geedorah?
MF DOOM - Doomsday
King Geedorah - The Fine Print

Rakim, the God MC
Rakim & Eric B. - Microphone Fiend
Rakim - It's A Must

Tracks from Meths first solo album
Method Man - I Get My Thang In Action
Method Man - Sub Crazy

Will be back with more Hip-Hop soon!
Let me hear what you think.

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  1. This is great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation by Rakim, that was quite deep. Really love your knowledge about all these hip hop artists :) Looking forward to more posts!

  3. Definitely some good advice on some music!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these tracks and links!

  5. wow, that gives me something to think about

  6. you seem like you know your hip hop stuff!