Update 13

Finally back!
Busy weeks, anyways

Lately on alot of Snowgoons music so here's a Snowgoons update.

Some time ago I stumbled upon a Snowgoons mixtape featuring Sicknature, sick tracks, definately worth buying
Here are some parts of the mixtape called Banished From Home:
Banished From Home Intro & Drag You To Hell Ft. Vinnie Paz (Sicknature)
Pro & Reg (feat. Reef) - Time Isn't Safe (Snowgoons)
5th Criminal (feat. Slaine & Sicknature) - Dungeon Masters (5th Criminal)
Viro the Virus - Heat (Snowgoons)
Dr. iLL, Lord Lhus & Qualm - Timb Boot Hatred (Snowgoons)

Random Snowgoons tracks:
Snowgoons ft D-Stroy & Freestyle (Arsonists) & Sicknature - The Time Is Now (Official)
Snowgoons - Gunz (feat Sean Price & Jus Allah)
Snowgoons ft. O.C., Reef & Rasco - No Guts No Glory

I'll try to update soon again!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVEDD Black Snow.. Its nice to see real hip hop still alive

  2. I'm not a fan of hip-hop, but I always support people blogging about their favorite artists.

  3. mh, not really what i like, nevertheless it sounds nice! :D

  4. 5th criminal is just a wicked track. Not a huge fan of the genre, but there is a lot of great music in here. Can't deny that.

    Are you familar with Tae K? Guy does loads of great remixes, throwing just about any kind of music in with the beat. His Mega Man mixtapes is what brought me in, but his other work is really well done too.

  5. I like Showgoons - Gunz, That was cool.

  6. good stuff man. keep hip hop alive. nice blog, you got a new follower!

  7. Never heard of snowgoons. I'll see if they're any good :)