Update 32 (Atmosphere, Slug, Murs)

What up again!
It's been some time but here I am with new tracks

Lately I've been listening to Atmosphere and Murs a LOT. They're both from the label Rhymesayers. They got lots of other great artists too, such as MF DOOM, Brother Ali and Eyedea (who sadly passed away, R.I.P.)

Murs and Slug 
Atmosphere has some great tracks, I especially like how he makes you think the song is about one thing and then at the end he says something to twist it all around. Listen to the story he tells you, genius to say the least!
Atmosphere - Yesterday
Atmosphere - The Waitress

Murs is another MC from Rhymesayers. He also isn't very well known even tough he's a great rapper.
Murs and Slug - Woman Tonight
Slug is Atmosphere's MC
Murs - I Know (What Do You Know) 

Another exceptionally good rapper is One Be Lo from Binary Star. I've talked a bit about Binary Star before consisting of MC's One Be Lo and Senim Silla and Producer Decompoze. These tracks are solo's by One Be Lo
One Be Lo - HisStory 
Now check it, I ain't teaching y'all to hate white,
Cause thinking one color's better than another, that ain't right
One Be Lo - E.T. 
One Be Lo - Decepticons 

Keep the real Hip-Hop alive and support the real MC's! 


3 opmerkingen:

  1. ill listen to these guys, alwyas on the lookout for new hip-hop
    p.s. i love infinite as well, the title track is sick

  2. I saw atmosphere up in humboldt and it was a legit show. Kid named grieves opened up for him, you should check him out dude.

  3. @ BTN Hip Hop
    agree on that title track, I love 313, Infinite and Backstabber the most of that album! =D

    never heard about that cat, will check him out. Thanks for the heads up!