Update 35 (Mos Def and MF DOOM)

Sup guys!

So I found these remixed tracks of MF DOOM and Mos Def. I love both MC's and it was done real well in my opinion. I didn't look into it much so I'm not sure if it's official or fanmade but it sounds great if you ask me!
Mos Def vs. MF Doom - Words of the Day
Def vs. DOOM

Now this is not really anything new but here's an interview with Mos Def where he praises MF DOOM, I think it's a great video because he talks and quotes MF's rhymes/tracks just like I would with friends. It's great seeing great MC's really appreciating others.
Mos Def Interview

And here Mos Def is seen covering MF DOOM's track Accordion live
Mos Def covering MF DOOM's Accordion (live)

I'm just hoping DOOM and Mos would get together and form a duo just like DOOM did with Madlib, Dangermouse and Ghostface + J Dilla. They could be Mos DOOM? ;)

Them two rapping with Madlib at the boards? I think it would be great!

What do y'all think?

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  1. thanks for sharing, this shit is insane

  2. madlib is seriously dope man, loving the new layout btw.

  3. Cool blog following you nice layout

  4. Like the new layout keep posting :)

  5. That would be amazing to see mos and DOOM on an album together.

  6. damn, those are some good tunes :D, thanks dude

  7. GREAT post!!! I love both these emcees as well :) And it would be beyond dope if Mos & Doom linked up...I am really really really feeling this blog!

    like water for chocolate
    That GOOD GOOD Blog